This is how to travel.And I can
show you how.

Hello! I am Rhea Perry and if you have ended up on this page it is because we met while I was traveling or you met one of my travel agents and want to get in on the fun! We have a motto around here.."If it ain't fun, we ain't doin' it!" And well, we do a pretty good job of living up to our motto.

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Me and my friend and team member, Sandra, enjoying Miami at the Cruise Line International Association convention.

Back when I was home educating my kids I would have given almost anything to be able to travel whenever and wherever I wanted.

But, better late than never, right? I learned about being my own travel agent and booking travel for my family and friends after my kids were mostly grown but that hasn't stopped me from basking in the benefits--like coming home to a commission check, even as a grandma to 12 grandkids!

Anyway, I am sure you have questions so take three minutes to watch the video here. It's pretty fast paced so feel free to pause it if you need to! This first video is all about owning your own travel agency and it is the first video on this page that you should watch!

Did you just have some "Aha!" moments?

Booking your own travel may be easy or even fun to you but every time you do it without being an agent, a faceless corporation is getting paid INSTEAD of you!

There's just no sense in that!

Why should you do all the work and someone else get the paycheck?

How many hours do you spend researching? Then you go and enter all the information like the number of travelers, their names and birthdays and you type in your credit card number.

That confirmation comes through and you are smiling.  But you shouldn't be because THEY got the commission and let YOU do all the work!

But this is the day that can all change.

And it doesn't require schooling, special training or a huge investment of your hard earned money.

TODAY, you can start booking your own travel and then, book for your family and friends and even announce your real travel business where you can book for anyone!

But hold up.  There is actually one other COMPLETELY SEPARATE business that you might want to know about before you do anything else.  That is business where you sell travel businesses--just like I am doing right here on this site.  

If that is something you have no interest in, I still invite you to watch this super short video that tells you how that part of things works.  Again, it is fast paced so feel free to pause it if you need to!

All done! That was a lot of info packed in there so if you are eager to get more questions answered, you can also watch the special Q and A video we created just to get all your burning questions answered. But, if you don't have any questions, feel free to click the button and sign up to be your own travel agent right now!

If you liked what you saw in either of the videos you just watched about becoming a travel agent OR selling travel agent businesses
(or both!)

I want to invite you to join my team of travel advisors. It's simple, fast and we have a MONEY BACK GUARANTEE!

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What Are You Waiting For?

  • Book your own travel and save
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  • ​Make a part-time or full time income from home!

Here is the link to get started. Click the button and get started today.  Be booking travel in the next couple of hours!